Stan has been providing excellence in many disciplines of gardening and horticulture for years. Stan has concentrated experience in horticultural consulting, tree injections, eminent domain legal issues, nursery operations, and as a home show/garden club speaker.

You can contact Mr. Greenthumb at 813-925-3030 for more information on any of these services.

Mr. Green Thumb Consulting
Operating in Pinellas County for over  40 years, Stan’s experience and knowledge can aid you in growing and maintaining the best looking, and healthiest, lawn or garden on the block. Stan can help you with any questions with a friendly one-on-one consultation. Stan is at your disposal whether it be in your lawn, garden, assessing tree health or taking a close look at plant specimens.

He can tell you the best course of action to take in order to solve any lawn or garden challenges. For a typical yard consultation, Stan, or a certified associate, will walk the property with you and help guide you about methods of maintenance, control, and prevention. Stan can help you to become the best GreenThumber in your neighborhood.

Tree Injections
Over 80% of the trees currently being cut down are being done so unnecessarily. Another facet of Stan’s expertise is to treat trees that are in trouble. Most people do not understand that there are other options besides cutting their beautiful shade trees down when they become sick. Stan often can help trees that are dead or dying. With chemical injections and a little time and care, 80% of trees will respond and make a full recovery. So before you call out the tree trimming companies to have your beautiful trees removed, give Stan a call.

Eminent Domain
With his vast knowledge and expertise in the horticulture world, Stan can often assist a homeowner in getting more for their property value with an accurate evaluation of replacement costs. Most homeowners seldom realize that their trees and plants have a value. With a legal portfolio of your property’s trees and plants, you may be eligible to receive as much as $100,000 or more than you may have been awarded without a proper evaluation.

Nursery Evaluator
As a teacher of horticulture, Stan has the knowledge of nursery operations at all levels. This knowledge can help the best nurseries run even better. One aspect with which Stan is well versed is assisting with eminent domain cases that expressly deal with nursery owners. Again if you are an attorney representing a client or if you are a client who wants your attorney to have an expert testify on your behalf please call or recommend our services today.

Home Show Talent
Over the years Stan has participated in many local home shows. He has formed long-standing relationships with many promoters and can be an asset in adding to the attendance of any event. Stan normally gives 2 speeches per home show, per day, helping people learn how to adapt to Florida gardening. The topics include soil composition, pH, light levels, common Florida pests, and watering schedules. All the key ingredients for helping people understand the science of being better gardeners. If you want the best in gardening information brought to your home show or organization don’t delay in contacting Stan.

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Also known as “Mr. Greenthumb”, Stan DeFreitas has experience as a urban horticulturist working for the Pinellas County Extension Service and has taught horticulture at the St. Petersburg College. “Mr. Greenthumb” has spread gardening know-how on radio, tv and newspaper columns in both the Clearwater Sun and the Tampa Tribune.