Vine Growin’ Along the Ground


Shaye H. wrote:
I have been growing pumpkin plants goin’ on now 1 month and the back of the
package it says harvest takes 3 months. So my question is are the plants
supposed to grow upwards? Mine are and of course I have tomato cages supportin’
them but I thought they were supposed to be a vine growin’ along the ground? Am
I messin’ up? By the way they are growin’ good so far…the plant that is. If I
take the cages out the stem will bend and the plant will fall to the ground, is
this good to do that?

Dear Shaye,
You can have the trellis, but ultimately the pumpkin plant will grow in the way they are meant to grow.
Often they will travel 10 feet from their original spot. As they start to put on fruit, some people place
a thin board or some straw underneath them to keep the fruit from rotting, especially if the ground stays
moist. It is fun to carve your own Jack O’Lantern and eat your own pumpkin pie during the holidays.
Keep me posted.
My Best,

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