Sweet Potato Vine


Susan wrote:
Hello, I live in Vail, AZ. I planted some sweet potato slips in late May.
I’ve noticed that my vines are flowering and not looking real good anymore. How
do I know when they are ready to harvest and how do I do that? What is the
differance between a vining plant and a bush plant? Thanks so much for any help
you can give.

Dear Susan,
The sweet potato vine is an aggressive fine but can have problems with white flies
and fungal problems. Starting the plants off in a good potting soil is usually wise.
Some people like yellow sticky traps to catch white flies which you might find
available at local nursery/garden supply stores. Harvesting takes normally about
140 days from start to harvest. Rake up or pitch fork tilling up the soil where the
sweet potatoes have grown.
A vining plants tend to have long stems or tendrils that help them attach to either a
trellis or another structure. Bush plants typically stay compact growing in one area.
My Best,

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