Palmetto St. Augustine?


Richard wrote:
Planted Palmetto St. Augustine on 22-23 April = laid 450 sq ft on two sides of a
sidewalk. Watered per Extension Service instructions. Son continued watering
while I was gone 05-14 May. On return see much brown. Stopped watering, except
for rain. Applied ~ 5# of Immunox Lawn Disease Control Granules to the 450 sq
ft of new Sod for Fungi infection on 08 June. Brown seems to be increasing.
Applied Chinch Bug control today, but dead grass looks like straw, not like
runners are dead due to Chinch Bugs. Green part grows quite well. Saw your show
at “Thunderdome” {aka orange juice field} this past Sunday = i was old
guy with long white hair and beard on your right = a very fine presentation,
also good stand-up comedy routine. Murf

Dear Richard:
You’ve treated for both possibilities, fungus and chinch. I’m leaning more toward fungus
than chinch. Chinch bug normally starts near the hottest areas such as the sidewalk or
street. A fungus normally looks like irregular patches that grow together. Realize that
new grass has a relatively small root system, so when it is injured it is more difficult for
it to grow back quickly.
You may wish to even put in a few trays of plugs into the bad areas to see if this helps.
Thanks for the kind words and hope you enjoyed the Home Show at the Trop.
My Best,

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