Gingko Seeds are Rare


Dakota B. wrote:
What is the best way to start ginko seed? I am a highschool student who is
looking to grow this wonderful specimen, but am having difficulty finding the
seed. And the seed that I found is almost $2 for 4 or 5 seeds.where else could i
look to find the seed.

On another note where could I find some Plumeria seed, and are there any
tricks or things that they require to germinate.

Thank You for reading my message,

Dear Dakota:
The gingko seeds are rare, so spending a few dollars for seeds is not uncommon.
You will not find these seeds amoung the cheaper or more common seeds at a nursery.
Plumerias should be cultivated from a cutting, this will make it true to the variety.
Most seedlings will not give you a plant that will grow like the mother plant.
Although after flowering, Plumerias will have large looking seed pods that will
contain numerous seeds. If you just want to be “Johnny Appleseed of Plumerias”
Happy growing with these.
My Best,

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