Get the Herb Outta Here


Kay R. wrote:
This is the second time I have planted basil. The first time it grew quickly but
began to develop dark spots on the leaves. I used insecticidal soap, but it
didn’t help, so I had to pull it up. I bought a new plant, put it in an
entirely different container. Again, it grew quickly, but this morning I
noticed the same dark grey on almost all the leaves. I’m so perplexed about
this. No one I’ve talked to has this problem. Do you know what could be
causing this? Thanks so much.

Dear Kay:
It sounds like a fungal problem. Try to find an organic based fungicide that
labels itself for herbs and basil. It may take a couple of applications and use
it according to label directions. Be patient and realize the hottest time of the
season it difficult for many of our herbs. The cooler months seem to create
less problems for many of the herbs.
My Best,

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