A Grassy Issue


Alicia wrote:
My husband and I live in Evans Ga and have been trying to get our grass to grow
in our lawn this past year. We have had a drought and we also have alot of
trees. Some of the grass has been doing ok and has taken off, but there are
sections of grass that is brown and really want do much of anything. Our soil
test says it’s neutral, and the lawns gets enough sun throughout the day in our
opinion, some sections more than others. Any suggestions?

Dear Alicia:
If it’s conducive to the landscape, you might want to go with a ground cover.
Possibly a whole bed such as perennial peanut, liriope, mondo grass (the small
variety) small ivies, or low growing ground cover, fig.
Many people use pavers or brick work to make patios and walkways, or decks.
Lawn furniture such as benches, small tables also make more interesting lawn
views. Don’t limit yourself to grass, allow the imagination to run free.
My Best,

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