Rose Propagation?


Snow wrote:
I have been trying to do rose Propagation in water, but i am not sure if i
should put anything in the water or not! why isn’t it rooting? do i need to
create a greenhouse environment for that also? can you please help me?

Dear Snow,
Propagation in water in my opinion is not the best way to start most plants.
Take a 3-4 inch cutting, dip this in Root Tone (also known as a rooting hormone)
and place it in a clean container using a good potting soil, such as MiracleGro.
You may wish to put a plastic bag (much like the one that covers your newspaper)
over the container and this helps to hold the moisture around the cutting.
Place this container in a indirect light source (Not full sun!) Hopefully this will
develop roots for you in about six to eight weeks.
My Best,

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