Heirloom Tomato plants


Sabino wrote:
How many Brandywine Heirloom Tomato plants can I plant in a (12″ ?) pot?
or in a rectangular clay pot (20″ high X 14″ X 30″)?

I have about 80 seedlings right now and I do not know how to plant them?

This is my first time planting tomatoes ( or any vegetable in my small garden).

Could you please let me know in order to plan accordingly?

Dear Sabino:
Sounds to me that you need about 80 pots. One of these plants can fill the entire
container with a successful growth. Do realize that you may lose some of these
seedlings. There are problems such as fungus and insects that may take a toil
on your production. Hopefully you are using a good soil such as MiracleGro soil
as opposed to backyard dirt. The dirt is sometimes full of fungus, bacteria and
weed seeds. Good Luck on your growing.
My best,

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