Watering My Garden; How Often?


william sanchez wrote:
im having a hard time learning how often to water my garden…i live in north
florida…and i planted some onions and brocoli and radishes last november and
got absolutely no harvest…so im trying again..but i want to know , how often
should i warer my garden..thanks

Dear William,
How often to water depends upon a number of factors. How much organic matter is in the soil? This helps to hold water. It is one
of the reason most commercial soils have a good deal of organic matter, such as peat and/or compost mixed in with other elements
such as wood chips, bark and inert ingredients such as perlite. Small plants require more water than established plants. Remember,
the Horticultural rule: if a plant dries, it dies. Most gardens should be in an area with 6-8 hours of sunlight daily. Plant where the garden
will not be in direct competition with the roots from other plants, shrubs and trees.
My best,

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