Plant Tomatos Indoors from Seeds


Craig wrote:
We have some tomato plants we are trying to grow from seeds indoors. They have
grown to about 3″ to 4″ high and we transplanted them into their own
containers. The problem we are having is that just about half of them have
died, they just have fallen over and died. Is there something we are doing
wrong. We have a spotlight style grow light above them and about 20 other
plants. Just wondering if it’s just not warm enough for the tomatoes. Any
advice would be helpful, as we are brand new to this. Thanks!

Dear Craig:
Starting seeds inside is a good technique. Make sure the soil is sterile (a peat/perlite combination). MiracleGro makes an excellent starting soil.
At the 3 inch stage, try moving the plants into an area with natural light, if temperature permits. Tomatoes must be kept above freezing. Moving them
outside, sometimes called hardening-off. It is not uncommon for some seedlings to die. Those tomatoes that do live should give you a strong, sturdy plant.
Also, at this stage give a feeding with a good water soluable fertilizer, such as MiracleGro plant food. Remember, seedlings should not be kept in soggy
soil, or to get bone dry. Just like youngsters, tomatoes demand constant care. At 5-6 inches, put them into their final move into a large container or
directly into the ground. Tomatoes are in the Solanaceae family which means “sun lover”. Tomatoes should get 6-8 hours of bright sunlight daily.
Fertilize on a weekly basis and happy picking.
My best,

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