Dieffenbachia House Plant


Rosalina wrote:
Hello my question is that i have a dieffenbachia house plant. I have seen gnats
around the top of the soil but just a few. I spray them with a garlic solution
or sometimes a soapy spray for plants because i though they were whiteflies. But
i started seeing them more on the bottom of my pot. I don’t know what to do to
get rid of them.. My other plants which are dracena or corn plants are ok. I see
maybe on or two in the top dirt but not like my other plant.

Dear Rosalina:
Try a Neem oil on houseplants, it’s low toxicity makes it friendly in the home setting. There are a number of pesticides labeled for indoor use. The fungus gnat often comes in some of our potting soils. Sometimes re-potting in fresh, new soil is a more simple solution than spraying the base of the plant repeatedly.
My best,

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