Knockout Roses?


Amanda wrote:
Dear Mr.Greenthumb,
I live in southern Georgia and I am looking for some great flowering plants to
plant in my new landscaping. The area gets full sun all day but mostly in the
second half of the day. The winters dont get very cold but sometimes does get
below freezing. I am leaning towards Knockout Roses. Do you think they would be
a good fit? If so, how would I take care of them when it does freeze? Thank you
so much for your help!

Dear Amanda,
Knockout roses sound like the right plants for your landscape. They should take the cold and survive. Occasionally you may have to treat for thrips.
These can be controlled with a systemic insecticide so labeled for roses and thrips. Even though Knockouts do not have as many fungus problems as
some of the other varieties, treating for fungus may become as needed.
My best,

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