Trouble with Soil?


Trish wrote:
Our Home is in Tarpon Springs and
– faces south, get full sun, heat, cold, wind. Nothing will grow there. Our pres
Tom Tucker ( ) states:
>Crotons are beautiful but not very cold tolerant. We had them at the Red Oak
entrance a few years ago but didn’t do well. Nothing seems to do well there. I
don’t know why. We add pete when planting and we spent money to get irrigation
there and we use mulch but nothing seems to do well. Aztec Grass won’t even grow
there. There used to be Indian Hawthorne there and they didn’t do well. We put
new sod and it didn’t grow. Nothing but weeds. I’m stumped..< Any suggestions? Dear Trish:
My next Home Show will be in June at the Tropicana Field, you could bring a soil sample. Consider growing junipers and/or dwarf hollies (cold hardy) which are very excepting of our Florida sand. Improving the soil with peat moss and Black Kow manure would also be a good first start. Make sure the mulch is a couple of inches thick and that water is being applied during the dry times.
My best,

Thank you for your help

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