Growing Roses from Seeds


Andulairah wrote:
Greetings stan
I would like to ask you the easiest and most effective way to grow roses from seed. I have collected an abundant amount of rose hips to get the seeds, and was wondering how to germinate them!! So far I am proven unsuccessful!


Dear Andulairah:
Roses are typically grown vegetatively, this means by cuttings. In fact, most roses are also grafted. If you want to still try your hand at seed grown roses, take the seeds and plant them in a peat/perlite 50-50 combination. Keep them moist, but not overly wet. If does dry, it dies. Certainly the genetic potential means that you could get a flower very different from the flower the seed was collected from.
This process is quite a challenge, but if you are successful a new rose may begin.
My best,
Stan DeFreitas, Mr. GT

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