Application of Roundup


Manny wrote:
How soon after the application of ROUNDUP can we re-sod or plug our St.
Augustine lawn.
We live in the Seminole area.

And what is the best control of dollar weed.

Thank you.

Dear Manny:
Round-up is the best control for severe weeds in St. Augustine, even then it might take a couple of applications. Of course, use according to label directions. Plugging can be done within a few days of application of Round-Up. Dollar weed typically grows in wet areas. So, improve the drainage with drain tiles or perforated pipe under the ground can be a useful solution. Atrazine, which has been somewhat restricted in timing and amount of use, should be helpful in a continued program to lower dollar and other broadleaf weed challenges.
My best,
Stan, Mr. GT

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