Re-rooting a Rose Bush


Mary wrote:
I want to know how to re-root a rose bush I got I hear cut past the knot or
elbow ( don’t know how to explain). Then what else. Thanks stumped in texas

Dear Stumped,
Most rose bushes are grafted. I am guessing you are trying to start one from a cutting. Although this is not normally recommended, you could take a 4-6 inch piece of stem, with the base end cut at an angle and dipped in a rooting hormone; place this in a moist potting soil, keeping it moist until it roots. This will take 6-8 weeks. After rooting continue to grow in a good potting soil mix in a container. Some climber and old-fashioned, hardy roses can be grown successfully on their own root stock, though most hybrids will not fair well. Good luck!
Keep me posted,

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