Good Gardening Question


Joy wrote:
We started pumpkins in the last week in august, have had several pumpkins
emerge, only to turn yellow and rot on the vine. We just noticed a new one
developing this week. We water once a day (am only).we ammended the soil with
manure when we rotor-tilled the garden back in august, then added more manure in
late September. Do you think weâ 셪l have better luck with this new little
one since its finally turning cool here in manatee county?

Dear Joy,
Spraying the plant with Dithane M-45 is one way to cut down on fungus and mildew for pumpkins.  It should be applied about once weekly, according to label directions.  Also, covering with a frost blanket should freezing conditions occur.  Get them started slightly earlier next season…say, June…but be prepared to spray.  If worms should become a problem, an application of Dipel/Thuricide should help.
Rots of Ruk!

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