Good tips for Palms Trees…


Palm trees are a fantastic addition to your tropical landscape, but keep in mind that not all palms are created equal in terms of their ability to tolerate the cold.  Chinese Fan palms, Cabbage Palms, and Washingtonia’s are an excellent choices for being cold hearty as they can take temperatures as low as 15F degrees.  However on the other side of coin palm trees that do not tolerate the cold weather are coconuts and royal palms, which have to be protected if we experience temperatures below freezing.  Keep in mind their are wide differences in Palm tree sizes,  some palms stay small by design such as the Parlor Palm and the Pygmy Date Palm which usually only grow to a height of 8-12 feet.   Where other palm trees like Washingtonia’s can grow to grand heights of  80 feet or more with cabbage palms almost nearly as tall.  A good way to remember the Washingtonia’s Palms is that they were named after our first President George Washington because he was tall and stately, this palm tree certainly represents that.   So why is important to know the size of your Palm tree’s prior to planting because location is critical, not only for the health and well being of the tree but because you wouldn’t want to plant an 80 foot growth potential palm under power line.   I invariably get the question, I want something different than my neighbor palms trees, one suggestions might be Fish Tail palm which can add a dramatic effect to a landscape.   Do remember that palm tree’s require a decent amount of light which means 6 hours of light per day , they want water at least 2-3X per week (less after its been established)  and they will thrive on most fertilizer created  for palms.   Palms trees have a place in almost everything landscape and having some knowledge about palms will help you save money and ultimately be a happier gardener.

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