Fall is great time for changing Leaves…


You’ll find that its not so hot anymore and now is a good time to find something new in your neighborhood.  Even in the deep south Red maples start to change color and Sweet gums start to reddening up, of course much of New England and most of America we think of the grand color change that occurs during the fall  but you may find that in many parts of the country their are beautiful plants that you probably haven’t noticed yet.  If your outside sometime take the time and follow a butterfly around, it can be a very educating experience.  Sometimes the butterfly will meander through your yard and maybe even into your neighbors, the odds are this curious butterfly  is in the process of locating something beautiful and something brightly colored.  Perhaps your butterfly is in search of a brightly color Pentas or you may find that she’s more interested in an Ixoras, or maybe even a sparkling colored rose. The point is locating new plants can be a fun way to reinvigorate your love of horticulture espeically right now in the fall.

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