Holes in a Tree are usually not good…


Gale wrote:
Stan, it has come to my attention my neighbor has put a hanging hook in the
tree.  Is this dangerous to the tree?  If so, what would be a good fill, so it
doesn’t attract fungus, or bugs.  If this tree dies then l have a
worse problem. Thank you!

Hi Gale,

Yes in my expert opinion any holes made in a tree aren’t conducive to the long term health of that tree.  The reason being is other bugs and or fungus’s can get inside and cause damage and left unchecked the tree can and will die.  I would recommend that you have me come out and spray and inject the tree as preventive maintenance so as to avoid this outcome.  As you probably know having trees cut down can run into the thousand of dollars, so in my opinion spending a few hundred is well worth the cost.

My Best,
Stan DeFreitas

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