The Heat is on….


If you believe in global warming or not, the summer heat is extreme for most of the country. One thing people don’t do and probably should is to plant trees in a place either on the east, south, or west of their home to help naturally cool their domicile. For an experiment one might like to go out into the hot sun for 2 minutes and then find go find some shade under a large tree, you will notice that it feels nearly 10 degrees cooler. It has been estimated that a large tree could be worth in the effect of 10 air conditioners. Also keep in mind that trees are taking in Co2 and giving off O2 this is good for us and your neighborhood. Another idea you may want to consider is planting vines which can provide an immediate effect on your windows, walls and roofs in helping to keep your home cooler. Most people consider wire, strings as a cheap substitutes for a trellis but at any of the big box marts they have very nice and well made trellises that can last many years.

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