Poinsettia, Just In Time For The Holiday Bloom


Originally, the poinsettia was introduced to this country by the ambassador of Mexico, Dr. Joel Poinsett.  It’s original habitat is the reason poinsettias like the heat.  Protect them from chilly nights temperatures below 32 degrees Farenheit.  The flower is rather inconspicuous; it is the modified leaves or sepals that are admired for their brilliant red, pink and different shades thereof, color.  When planted outdoors protect from night lighting.  Remember, these are long night-short day phototrophic plants, this is why they flower naturally during the holiday season.  Do not trim after September 1st, as this may interfere with the timing of the Christmas blooms.  Growing the poinsettia indoors keep a moisture meter on hand to check water levels in its container.  Too much water will cause leaf drop, but too little will cause death, in other words, moist but not soggy wet.

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