Weed Control for Your Lawn


Weeds are like a red flag that signals you have a turf problem. If the pH of the soil is unbalanced, weeds are more likely to invade your property. Check your pH and make sure you have the proper balance for your type of grass. The presence of spurge weed may indicate a nematode problem. Dead spots and brown patches may indicate that feeder roots have been damaged by mole crickets or fungus diseases. New lawns that have been thrown on top of old lawns without adequate sterilization often succumb to nematodes.

Watering should also be checked. Too much water can encourage dollar weeds; too little water and the grass will weaken, allowing beggar weed or creeping Charlie to take over. Lawns that are overly compacted are also more susceptible to weed infestation. Again, a healthy lawn is the best defense against weeds; but if you have a problem, here are some tips for getting rid of these uninvited guests.

Never use a sprayer for weed killer and then reuse it for insecticides or fungicides. Mark the weed-killer sprayer for WEED KILLER ONLY! Even thorough washing may not get rid of these potent chemicals, so don’t risk contamination. Each chemical has its own special purpose; use them all

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