Creating an Inviting Entrance


Landscape architects plan their plantings at the front of a home to frame the house in the most appealing manner, and, at the same time, point the way to the front door. If your front yard is a jungle of foliage, visitors can wind up at the side or back door by mistake. A well-designed front landscape will have a welcoming appearance, a natural flow that guides people to your front door.

For the front of your property, try for visual balance, not symmetry. Noah’s Ark had two of everything, but this is not advisable for landscaping. Avoid having two of the same type of plant on opposite sides of a walkway. Vary your plant selection and give a balanced, but not identical, appearance to arrangements. If you have, for example, a large oak tree on one side of the property, you may balance it with two or three smaller trees on the other side.  Always choose plants that will grow in proportion to your house. An 80-foot eucalyptus tree will look out of place next to a typical one-story home. The size and ultimate shape of shrubs and trees is very important, and something you should check out at a nursery before you make a purchase.

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