Choosing The Best Grass for Your Lawn


Having a healthy, green lawn around your home is like having a nice frame around a work of art. It adds beauty to your home. Selecting the right grass for your lawn is important. Factors such as the pH of your soil and determining the amount of money, time, and care you want to put into your lawn should be taken into consideration. I often make the analogy, when teaching, that it’s better to have an old, reliable Chevy that’s properly maintained than to have a Cadillac you can’t afford to keep up. The suitability and maintenance demands of your lawn can be just as exacting as with the upkeep on your car.

The type of lawn that should be grown depends in large measure on the size of your property, the amount you wish to spend, and the time you can devote to its upkeep. Those who have semi-rural property on several acres possibly can get by with fertilizing and mowing the grasses already in the soil. This will provide an orderly expanse of green that looks neat and attractive. But for the majority of homeowners with homes on normal-sized city lots, a lawn should be planned and started from scratch. This means total preparation of the soil, careful selection of the type of grass and proper upkeep of the lawn to maintain its appearance and keep it free of insects and disease.

Select the right lawn grass for your area. Bitter Blue St. Augustine does better in shade. Bahia is the most drought-tolerant. Bermuda is the finest looking, but also the highest in maintenance. Select by learning about your lawn areas and knowing what the best choice is for you.

Installing a lawn means more than merely filling the open spaces between trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds. You have to determine how much of each open area gets full sun or partial sun and which is fully shaded all day. These factors are crucial to your choice of the type of grass to plant. Soil analysis also will help you choose a variety that will do well.

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